December 30, 2018

Essay on Winter Vacation | Essay about Vacation with Family | How I spent my Holidays (600 words)

Essay on Winter Vacation | Essay about Vacation with Family | How I spent my Holidays

Today, our school has announced winter vacation for 20 days. It is the beautiful time of the year when the weather is cold and chilling, time of festivals such as Christmas and new years. This time, my family has decided to visit Mysore and Coorg in the coming winter vacation. I will be visiting these places for the very first time.

We booked our tickets for train and hotel already online. My mother, father and sister is accompanying me on this trip. As the journey date approached, we have started planning for the trip. We have put cold weather clothes, some cold medicine, camera etc.

We board the train from our town of Nanded in Maharashtra to Bangalore. And from Bangalore we took another train to reach the Mysore city. The railway station of Mysore junction is very clean and pristine.

For whole one day of our journey, we visited Mysore city. We first did breakfast at a nearby restaurant the local Dosa and Sambar. It was delicious. First we went to the Mysore fort. It was majestically build. The fort was grand, built in large area. We clicked several photos at Mysore fort. It was really amazing and we loved the place.

Then from there, we went to see the Mysore zoo. Mysore zoo has great diversity of flora and fauna. Ranging from birds like parakeet, hornbill to fauna like parakeets chimpanzee, tiger, crocodile etc. It was a nature's paradise. I greatly amused watching them. We get tired because the zoo is very large and wide. After visiting the zoo, we went in our hotel for lunch and some rest and refreshment.

From hotel, we went for shopping about the Mysore's famous sandal perfume and silk Saris etc.
Then we went to a nearby lake. It was a very beautiful lake with a park outside. We went for boating in that lake. It was very fun in moving on the boats smoothly in the water. My sister and me is riding one boat. The experience was quite amazing. Then we went to visit the nearby park. The park was blossomed with beautiful flowers. The fragrance was enthralling and fresh.

From there, we went to visit the wax and sand museum. The sand museum was the perfect piece of delicate art. Vivid statues and mesmerizing stories were carved out of hardened sand. It was an unforgettable experience. The wax museum showed the history of Mysore rulers which was a seat of Tipu Sultan and Wadiyar dynasty.

Then we board the bus from Mysore towards the Coorg. We reached coorg at around 9 pm. We went to our hotel and slept after having dinner as we were quite tired after the eventful day.

Next day, we explored the hill city of Coorg. It was earlier the capital of the British rulers.
We visited Shiva temple in the morning. It was temple built in dravidian style. We also visited coorg fort. It is a very old fort. Then we went to visit a waterfall. The waterfall was a real charm. Many other tourists have come to see that waterfall. It was a scenic view from the that hill. We clicked some nice pictures from our camera. We capture some beautiful moments in the Coorg.

Thus, our two days journey came to an end. It was really a memorable experience for me. I have learned a lot from this trip. We finally returned to our hometown of Nanded. I still remember and relish those beautiful moments. I have spent my remaining winter vacation days at my home doing my homework and playing with my friends. 

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