January 9, 2019

Essay on Cyber Crime (500 words)

Essay on Cyber Crime (500 words)

Cyber crime in India has been evolving rapidly in the 21st century. A recent incident, where at least 10 government websites including those of the ministries of defence and home affairs, went down for several hours, highlights that cybersecurity is not taken as seriously as it should be. The need for cyber security especially increased with the increased digital push by government.
Essay on Cyber Crime
What is Cyber Crime
Cybercrime is a crime that involves a computer and network. It involves attack via or on computers through various means. Today, there is an increasing number of people using internet in India. Most people who are using such digital technologies are not fully aware of how to use such technologies. Hackers often target these gullible people. Although government has taken several action including creating laws and institutions to counter cyber crime. Peoples digital education and awareness generation is the need of the hour.

Types of Cyber Crime
The computer information can be compromised in number of ways. And such cyberspace can be used to commit different types of crimes. Hacking, copyright infringement, unwarranted mass-surveillance, sextortion, child pornography are some of the examples.

Cross border cybercrime includes espionage, financial theft, and other cross-border crimes. Cyber crimes crossing international borders and involving the actions of at least one nation state is sometimes referred to as cyber-warfare.

Impacts of Cyber Crime
Cyber crime can induce risk to national security or the financial services. It can compromise the personal data of computer users. It can be used for propaganda. Example include the wanna cry ransomware attack that has compromised the computers across the globe. Cybercrime is the real problem the world has facing today. Many billion dollar economic losses are incurred because of cybercrime. 

Cyber Crime in India
The number of internet users in India has increased exponentially in the last decade. This led to the increase in the volume of cyber crimes in India. Recently, many government ministries websites have been hacked. Apps like Zomato faced instances of data breaches, which compromised the privacy of many individuals. Due to low levels of digital literacy in the country and the rampant use of substandard or pirated hardware, software etc, the cyber vulnerability in India is huge. To safeguard the cyber security remains a challenge.

Prevention and Mitigation of Cybercrime
Prevention is better than cure is an apt adage for cyber security. Once security is compromised, it is nearly impossible to restore the situation to normal levels. Preventing cyber attacks require improved vigilance and surveillance, stronger security for our critical infrastructure etc. 

Steps taken by Government 
India has recognized the cybersecurity problem in India. Government of India has created a dedicated department CERT-IN under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Also, Information Technology Act, 2000 is amended to strengthen the cyber laws. Government is also actively participating in Global conference on cyber security.

There must be enhanced cooperation among nations and reaffirmed a global call to action for all United Nations member nations to not attack the core of the Internet even when in a state of war.

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