January 1, 2019

Essay on New Year 2019

Essay on New Year 2019

New year is the first day of a year 2019. According to Gregorian calendar it comes on 1st January. There are many calendars in different parts of the world like Christian, Julian, Hindu Calendar etc. In India the Gregorian calendar is the official calendar. There are also different calendar followed by different religious communities. Hindus celebrate chaitra shukla pratipada as their new year, Parsis celebrate Navroz, Muslims celebrate Islamic Hijri as their new year.

Whatever is the day, the new year in every religion or otherwise, at every corner of the world is celebrated with great pomp and show.

New Year Celebration

People everywhere on the new year day celebrate it with various activities and events. On the the eve of 31st december people often do parties, hangout with friends and families in public places, wear new clothes, etc. Also many people take oath to bring positive change into their life and shed away all the sorrow and regrets of the previous year. Last day is celebrated for mainly two reasons. One, to recall and remember the good times and achievements one has achieved in that year. Second, in a hope that the upcoming year will bring another feather in the cap of achievements and success in one’s personal and professional life.

New Year Resolutions

New year is the time when people take resolutions to change something in their life for good. This can be anything from changing one’s attitude to life to going for gym or reading habits.
People also take new initiatives in their professional lives too.

New Year and Economic Growth

Many countries mark 31st of december as the last day of their financial year. Some countries put forward new budget and plans for their country’s development. The nations take a path towards the developmental journey ahead.


New year is the period full of enthusiasm and new positive energy for each one of us. Not only citizens but also the nations take new direction in various endeavors. The time is now for the world community as a collective whole to take meaningful resolution for keeping the world a peaceful, pollution free and a just place for everyone and for the generations to come.

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